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Yellowstone Season 4 What Do We Know?

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Yellowstone, a surprise megahit for the Paramount Network, was released in 2018. The show has since aired three successful seasons, but what can fans expect from Season 4, which will premiere on Sunday, November 7th? The show, which stars Kevin Costner, follows the Dutton family as they fight to keep control of their ranch. They are constantly fending off land developers and others who want to take their land. Others are willing to go to any length to get what they want, as the Duttons navigate the local landscape.

The show was a big hit right away. With nearly 5 million viewers, the series premiere was the second most-watched drama on ad-supported cable in 2018. Only The Walking Dead did better, and it’s been a difficult train to stop. The Season 3 finale drew 5.2 million viewers, demonstrating that the show’s popularity continues to grow.

Beware Spoilers For Season 3!

The Dutton family was in shambles at the end of Season 3 after multiple assassination attempts. Now, viewers are probably wondering who will make it to Season 4 of the show. Possibly, the teeny-tiny teasers they’ve released don’t reveal much. During the finale, John was caught in a hail of gunfire while assisting a woman on the side of the road. Despite his dislike for cell phones, it appears that they may be the only thing that saves his life.

Meanwhile, Kayce (Luke Grimes) is caught in the middle of a hit team. He manages to hide behind his desk, but his fate remains unknown (he probably survived and killed his attackers). Jimmy (Jefferson White), everyone’s favourite bunk house boy, appears to have the easiest time in the end. Despite the fact that his rodeo career appears to be over, he can’t help himself and returns to the ring. He gets bucked off and lands hard during a particularly spirited ride. Although it appears that he is only out cold, is the injury more serious? He had been warned by John!

On the other hand, Beth (Kelly Reilly) could be in the most dangerous situation. A box arrives in her office while she is working. Her assistant opens it even though she has no idea what it is. The entire office is caught in a massive explosion without warning.

But who was behind the Duttons’ attack? Many fans believe it’s Wes Bentley’s Jamie, who was revealed to have been adopted at the end of season three. He previously murdered a nosy journalist, but this appears to be too cold-blooded for him. I believe he would never have the courage to confront his father beneath it all. Most importantly, he managed to save Cole Hauser’s Rip. Rip, the Dutton ranch foreman, is the show’s second most justifiably violent character (after Kayce). That said, he was unharmed by whatever planned attack took place.

Market Equities and their slick money man, Josh Holloway’s Roarke, who appears to be a regular in season four, are the most likely suspects. Thomas Rainwater, Gil Birmingham’s tribal chief, was not the culprit. He appeared to be forging an uneasy relationship with the Dutton family. If he was going to attack them, he would do so with his own people rather than mercenaries.

Will the Dutton family make it? Only Season 4 will be able to tell us. So, how much do we know about Season 4 so far? It turns out that it isn’t much. After all, everyone has been pretty tight-lipped since Season 3’s cliffhanger.

Many cast members announced the end of filming in November 2020, leading many fans to believe that the new season would debut in June 2021. Why shouldn’t this new season premiere in June like the previous three? That appears to have been thwarted by two factors. Filming for additional scenes was initially postponed until June due to scheduling conflicts. This wouldn’t have been a problem on its own, but they didn’t seem to be in a rush to get them shot because they knew the premiere would be pushed back.

The Tokyo 2020/2021 Olympics were most likely a major factor in pushing the premiere forward. The major sporting event would have coincided with Yellowstone’s peak season. Rather than forcing viewers to choose what to watch, they decided to postpone it until a time when the Olympics were not taking over the airwaves. Season four will premiere in November, as we now know.

The main theme of Season 4 will be vengeance. Retaliation against the Duttons’ assailants. Market Equities seeks retribution against the Duttons for endangering their business with Beth’s interference. Rainwater and Angela Blue Thunder seek vengeance for an entire culture. Almost every character has a reason to seek vengeance against someone. It will be fascinating to see how these threads develop.

There will be a few new characters this season as well, but the CEO of Market Equities Caroline Warner, played by Jacki Weaver, will receive a lot of attention. You can bet that things are about to get turned up when things get so bad that the CEO has to show up and start taking the company into their own hands. How much trouble will Willa and Roarke get into if they fail in any of their attempts on the Duttons’ lives? Things are about to get interesting.

Piper Perabo will join the cast as a protester against the state-funded police force that protects industrialised farming and animal slaughter. Kathryn Kelly will play a vet tech who develops feelings for one of the Dutton Ranch’s farmhands. Finally, Finn Little, a young boy who resembles a young Rip, will join the Dutton family. They provide him with a home in the hopes of providing him with a better life.

One of the things most viewers had wondered about is if Season 4 would be the last season of the show. Show star Cole Hauser seemed to put those rumors to rest back in March. During an interview, he stated:

“Season five is going to be wonderful. The way we ended season four—I can’t give too much away, but the way season four ends, I think the audience… will be happily surprised.”

Given the show’s high ratings and the recent announcement of a Yellowstone spin-off starring Sam Elliot, it only makes sense to keep the original show on the air. Fans don’t seem to be getting tired of the show yet, and Paramount will want to keep it on the air as long as the ratings remain stable.

Some have speculated that the show’s star, Kevin Costner, might not return because he has stated that transitioning to a scripted series has been difficult for him. While that could be the case, all signs point to Costner remaining in the role. The show has helped to revitalise his career, and he recognises the show’s success. According to rumours, he earns around $500,000 per episode. That would be a tough payday to pass up for what has been hailed as a critical and commercial success.

Season 4 will undoubtedly be an exciting ride. After Season 3’s shocking conclusion, fans will be eager to learn what happened to their favourite characters. Who will live and who will die? Who, more importantly, will be held responsible for the Dutton family’s attack? The wild west will devolve into all-out war once the perpetrators of the attacks are revealed.

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