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The best weapons to start within Battlefield 2042

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Battlefield 2042 is still in its early stages, with some players only joining on November 18, so winning strategies and attachments aren’t yet set in stone. As you get your bearings, here’s a rundown of all the Battlefield 2042 guns you’ll be able to unlock, as well as our picks for the best of them so far.

There are a total of 22 guns to unlock, including sidearms, as well as a plethora of attachments and ammunition to mix and match. Each gun’s attachments must be unlocked separately, but the guns themselves are unlocked naturally as you rank up.

What are the best Battlefield 2042 guns?

You’ll be working with what you’ve unlocked early on in Battlefield 2042. The LCMG is the first LMG you’ll get at level three, and it’s a powerful weapon with good long-range accuracy. It’s worth a shot because assault rifles are more difficult to use than they have been in the past. While it’s difficult to resist the urge to shoot while moving with an assault rifle, your bullets will bloom way off-target at long ranges. With an LMG, going prone can be more satisfying.

The SVK marksman rifle and DXR-1 sniper rifles have been popular early in multiplayer for similar reasons, as they are unlocked at relatively low account levels.

The SVK, in particular, has a high muzzle velocity and, as a marksman rifle (as opposed to a sniper rifle), is better suited to mid-long range combat than a bolt action gun. In most situations, the SVK is a two-shot kill; however, be wary of its punishing kick.

But it’s not all about range. Don’t dismiss the SMGs if you enjoy being in the thick of things. The PBX-45 has a slower rate of fire than some later SMGs, but thanks to its lower recoil, it can easily transition from close to mid-range combat. At level 18, you’ll be able to unlock the PP-29, which has proven to be a formidable opponent thus far.

Although it has a short-range, it has very little recoil and rips through enemies at close ranges. It also has a larger, loaf-shaped magazine than the starter PBX SMG, giving it more bullets per pound.

If you want to spawn with certain attachments already set, you can replace your default barrel, sights, and other attachments in the cross menu bound to your T key by default. Once you’ve unlocked new barrels and ammo types, make sure to equip them. According to its stats, the Warhawk Compensator barrel reduces vertical recoil without sacrificing accuracy, so you might as well use it. You’ll also want to make extra ammo types available in your T menu once you start unlocking them—if not for attacking vehicles, then just to have some extra ammo of any kind.

Battlefield 2042 guns: SMGs

(Image credit: Electronic Arts)
  • PBX-45: (Default) Short range .45 submachine gun.
  • PP-29: (Lvl 18) High-capacity 9mm submachine gun.
  • MP9: (Lvl 26) Lightweight 9mm submachine gun.
  • K30: (Lvl 53) Very close range but high fire rate submachine gun.

Battlefield 2042 guns: Assault

Battlefield 2042 guns - M5A3 stats
(Image credit: Electronic Arts)
  • M5A3: (Default) Mid-range semi or automatic assault rifle.
  • AK-24: (Lvl 11) Mid range and high power with 5.45mm rounds.
  • SFAR-M GL: (Lvl 27) Very high firepower with 7.62mm rounds.
  • AC-42: (Lvl 40) Accurate, high fire rate burst shot assault rifle.

Battlefield 2042 guns: LMGs

Battlefield 2042 guns - LCMG stats
(Image credit: Electronic Arts)
  • LCMG: (Lvl 3) High firepower and low recoil LMG.
  • PKP-BP: (Lvl 32) Full auto LMG with 7.62mm rounds.

Battlefield 2042 guns: Marksman

Battlefield 2042 guns - DM7 stats
(Image credit: Electronic Arts)
  • DM7: (Default) Slower but precise extended range rifle.
  • SVK: (Lvl 14) Long range rifle with 4x zoom.
  • VCAR: (Lvl 47) Lightweight and short range rifle.

Battlefield 2042 guns: Snipers

Battlefield 2042 guns - sws-10 stats
(Image credit: Electronic Arts)
  • SWS-10: (Default) Long-range bolt action rifle with 6x zoom.
  • DXR-1: (Lvl 24) Extreme range heavy rifle with 8x zoom.
  • NTW-50: (Lvl 60) High-calibre anti-materiel rifle.

Battlefield 2042 guns: Utility

Battlefield 2042 guns - MCS-880 stats
(Image credit: Electronic Arts)
  • MCS-880: (Lvl 7) Close-range tactical shotgun.
  • GVT 45-70: (Lvl 21) High-power level action rifle.
  • 12M Auto: (Lvl 44) High-power full-auto assault rifle.

Battlefield 2042 guns: Sidearms

Battlefield 2042 guns - G56 stats
(Image credit: Electronic Arts)
  • G57: (Default) Lightweight close-range pistol.
  • MP28: (Lvl 17) Close range 9mm carbine.
  • M44: (Lvl 29) Manual action high power pistol.
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