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Pokemon Unite’s List of Underrated Pokemon

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Every Pokemon is unique; however, some Pokemon are better suited to certain tasks than others. This holds true for both the mainline and Pokemon Unite games. At the same time, there are Pokemon that are equally viable outside of the metagame. Apart from Charizard and Garchomp, here are some underappreciated choices for the franchise’s first-ever MOBA.


Let’s start with Pikachu, the Pokemon who has become the face of the franchise. Do you remember how Ash would always rely on Pikachu to defeat even the most powerful and evolved Pokemon, including those that are immune to Electric attacks? That’s how Pikachu appears in Unite, especially since the game lacks elemental typing.

It’s easy to dismiss Pikachu as a cute mascot, but in the game, he’s far more than that. His Electroweb is a good early-game utility that locks opponents in place, making it easier for teammates to target them. Pikachu later gains access to Electro Ball, a powerful attack that deals a lot of damage and pushes opponents back.

Finally, both of Pikachu’s other moves are equally effective, so the player must make an informed decision. Thunderbolt is the way to go if you want to be useful in team battles. Volt Tackle, on the other hand, is for players who want an aggressive gap closer with invincibility frames that ensure they can’t be touched while dealing damage.


Cramorant isn’t particularly intimidating in appearance. Pokemon Unite players who have played the game before appear to be wary of the bird. This is because Whirlpool is an excellent early-game AOE utility move that, when used correctly, can lock multiple Pokemon in place. Hurricane, the upgraded version of the ability, is recommended for team fight-oriented players later on.

Air Slash, on the other hand, is a terrifying ability that deals a lot of damage. To make matters worse for Cramorant’s prey, the skill’s five-second cooldown is reduced even more when it hits an opponent. You now understand why this bird is so important.


Greninja is simply not good enough for other tier lists. They say the popular Gen 6 starter takes too long to get going, and by the time he does, it’s too late. Of course, that is an exaggeration. Even as Froakie, he can take out enemies with the right mix of assertiveness and caution. His chances of survival improve once he evolves to Frogadier and gains access to Double Team. In addition, the skill can be used to close gaps.
A Greninja who is careful while on the offensive can easily take out opponents with a combination of his ranged attacks, the hard-hitting and life-recovering Water Shuriken, and his passive, Torrent, which increases damage when low on life.


While Slowbro and Crustle aren’t bad, many players consider Snorlax to be the best tank. Tacke, the game’s first move, is a great stunner that also gives him some mobility. Rest, on the other hand, leaves a lot to be desired.

Fortunately, this move will be replaced by either Block or Yawn. Go for the block if you enjoy being on the defensive and acting as a wall. Yawn, on the other hand, is a great crowd control tool that takes opponents out of the game for a short period of time. Heavy Slam is a must-have because it is a small AoE stun.


Wigglytuff is the last but not least on the list. Many players overlook him because, aside from being cute, he didn’t contribute much to the mainline series. But in Unite, he’s a completely different creature. He’s more of a supporter than an outright tank or attacker.

Wigglytuff’s main offensive move is Dazzling Gleam, while the utility move is a toss-up between Sing and Rollout. The former is for a team-fighting ‘Tuff, as it is an AOE move that affects all nearby Pokemon, slowing them down and eventually putting them to sleep, as well as lowering their Def and SpDef if they stay too long. The latter, on the other hand, is a single-target utility move that knocks enemies back and resets Wigglytuff’s offensive move’s cooldown. 

These choices, some traditional and some unconventional, have put in a strong showing in Pokemon’s first foray into MOBA madness. So, will you go for any of these Pokemon as a partner, or do you have a long list of others in mind?

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