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Left 4 Dead Characters Join Zombie Army 4: Dead War in Free New Season Pass 3 Content Drop

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We trust that you’re getting a charge out of Zombie Army 4. We keep on buckling down on Season 3, so while that is still new in our psyches, it’s anything but a fun chance to give you another “behind the scenes” take a gander at the following round of DLC.

Each season includes a blend of free and paid substance. This time up, and free to everybody — regardless of whether you purchased the game or are playing with Xbox Game Pass — the cast of Left 4 Dead get back to the Zombie Army universe! In the first Zombie Army Trilogy, the “Wrong Place, Wrong Time” comic revealed that the cast of Left 4 Dead were pushed in reverse through time by a mysterious relic, to get themselves vis-à-vis with a multitude of Nazi dead. It has been more than a long time since a Left 4 Dead game was delivered, so it’s anything but a smidgen of cleaning work to up-res them to coordinate with present day levels of detail and delivering strategies! Our objective was to make them appear as though you remember them looking in Left 4 Dead, so on the off chance that we hit the nail on the head, it will seem as though we didn’t do anything at all.


Players that get the Season 3 Pass can likewise proceed the Return to Hell story crusade with another mission, Abaddon Asylum. All missions this season try different things with various styles of sandbox play and investigation, to perceive what new ongoing interaction enhances the Zombie Army equation will surrender. This time we are giving players numerous equal little targets to finish in the open town of Abrunza, which support careful investigation (and furthermore uncovers a couple of additional Easter Eggs for enthusiasts of Sniper Elite 4). The mission closes with a considerably more broad prison finale – a previous cloister, which is currently utilized as a haven, where you will at long last find the driving force behind the mysterious rituals.

Zombie Army 4: Dead War - Left 4 Dead

It has been incredible fun structure a famous creepy area, just as at long last giving a voice to a been figure prowling in the shadows all through the DLC seasons, and who set the occasions of the fundamental mission in movement. It took a couple of cycles to get the cadence on the money, and to make sure that the mission will be a pleasant test on rehashed playthroughs.


The new substance drop will likewise highlight a scope of restorative things – WW2 themed headgear, a WW1 themed ensemble for Josiah, and Zombie tank skins for weapons from the base game – and another weapon, the MP.1940 SMG, with a strong pace of shoot and low force, just as a determination of mysterious Nazi cosmetics.

There is significantly more in transit for Season 3, including more unannounced gifts. We can’t wait to show you more and for you to play them!

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