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How to Open Energy Doors in Ori and the Blind Forest

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How to open the energy doors in Ori and the Blind Forest? Here’s your guide on energy doors in the game.

Ori and the Blind Forest is currently available on Xbox Game Pass and is one of the most beautiful video games available. The second game in the series, Ori and the Will of the Wisps, takes players on an incredible journey through a mystical forest. The forest, on the other hand, is usually brimming with various types of doors. Some doors require energy cells, while others can only be opened with specific skills acquired as you progress through the game. Let’s get started on learning how to open energy doors in the game.

How to open energy doors in Ori and the Blind Forest?

A Metroidvania is Ori and the Blind Forest. This means that there is a lot of backtracking in the game. As a result, you’ll find yourself returning to previously visited areas. As a result, the game includes a number of checkpoints that can be used to teleport you to a specific location. It’s also worth noting that you don’t have to visit every location in Ori and the Blind Forest. Some parts of the game are optional, so if you don’t have enough energy cells to open a gate, you might as well move on.

Furthermore, the game’s energy doors aren’t required. They will most likely provide you with more living cells to make gameplay easier. They are not, however, required to complete the game.

Now that we partly covered the structure of the game, here’s how to open energy doors.

  • Ensure that it is not a Spirit Gate that requires specific stones.
  • If it is an Energy Gate, you need to have extra energy cells.
  • Do some backtracking and look for energy cells to open the gate.
  • Use your energy efficiently and keep in mind that you might come across another gate.
  • Store energy before you save and look for energy crystals all the time.
  • Energy is used to create Soul Links as well. Though do not create links all the time so that you have enough to open energy doors.

You can, however, leave the door open and continue playing the game. After using the warps, you can always return. On the other hand, energy cells are usually hidden near the energy door in the game. To find some energy, make sure you explored the areas surrounding that part.

Energy Door Hack

You can also use a different method to open these types of gates. This, however, will necessitate the use of the game’s mechanics. The game’s doors aren’t supposed to be opened this way. However, a user discovered a way to gain access to these doors. You can see how the player does it by watching the video below.

The player goes near the gate and kills the enemy. The enemy drops an extra soul link which then adds to the existing ones. Then the player immediately opens the doors.

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