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How Much Electricity Will Your Xbox One Consume?

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How much power does an Xbox One consume? Here’s how much energy your Xbox console uses and how it affects your annual bills.

Our gaming consoles have been our constant companions throughout our exhausting daily routines. There’s nothing quite like picking a random game from Xbox Game Pass to pass the time. Jumping into a good AAA game and immersing ourselves in the immersive worlds is also a fantastic way to unwind. Game consoles, like many other appliances in our homes, require a certain amount of energy to operate. That is to say, your casual gaming has an impact on your bills. But how much does it cost, and how do you figure out how much energy you use?

Here’s how much energy your Xbox One uses during your casual or hardcore gaming sessions.

Xbox One Electricity Usage Per Hour

Xbox One uses 70-120 watts per hour. Your console’s standby mode consumes 15 watts. However, the cost of your gaming is determined by a variety of factors, including your location. External devices connected to your console, such as your TV or router, are also included.

Here’s a list of estimated watt consumption per hour of Xbox consoles during gameplay.

  • Xbox One: 70 – 120 W
  • Xbox One X: 65-180 W
  • Xbox 360 Original: 180 W
  • Xbox Series X: 160 – 200 W

Using the assumption that your average gaming session lasts three hours, the annual cost of Xbox One electricity usage is around $12-20 per year. Of course, the average electricity rate in your country plays a role in this calculation. The following is a list of electricity rates by state, in US dollars per kWh.

  • United States – 0.14 cents
  • United Kingdom – 0.26 cents
  • Canada – 0.18 cents
  • Ireland – 0.30 cents
  • Germany – 0.37 cents
  • Denmark – 0.34 cents
  • Belgium – 0.32 cents
  • France – 0.22 cents
  • Russia – 0.06 cents

How to enable energy-saving mode on Xbox One?

Although instant-on is a fantastic feature, it consumes 30 times the energy of the power-saving mode. The console’s energy-saving feature consumes about 1 watt per hour.

In contrast, the instant-on mode allows you to access your console without having to wait forty seconds. However, it consumes 15 watts per hour. As a result, you pay more for convenience.

  • Press the Menu button on your controller.
  • Go to Settings and choose Power and startup.
  • Choose the Power Mode under Power Options.
  • Switch to the energy-saving mode by pressing A on your controller.

You won’t be able to launch your Xbox One with your voice after making the change. After the console is turned on, you’ll have to wait for updates to be installed.

Can your gaming console cause a solid increase in electricity bills?

Even if you only use your Xbox One for 5-6 hours per day, it will cost you around $20 or $25 in a year. When you consider how much fun you have over the course of a year, the cost is negligible.

However, some people have reported a significant increase in their bills after purchasing an Xbox console. If you’re having a similar issue, double-check that your device is in working order. It’s possible that you didn’t install a power-saving update.

There could be another problem with your Xbox One. However, if the increase is significant, we recommend that you check other appliances in your home. And here’s a video that focuses on the Xbox news this week.

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