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How Does Deathloop’s Time Loop Work?

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Colt is trapped in a single-day loop and must kill all eight Visionaries on Blackreef in order to break free from his mental prison. Bethesda’s take on a Souls-like/roguelike, Deathloop, took the time loop trope to new heights. Colt and the other players can use their memories of previous loops to help them in the next. They’ll be able to recall where their enemies are and how they move. With each loop, Colt will gain a better understanding of each Visionary’s flaw. So, how does Deathloop’s loop system work?

How does the loop work in Deathloop?

The loop machine in Deathloop.

If one of two things happens to Colt, he will wake up on the same beach every morning: he will die or he will survive the night. You’ll use the loop’s day/night cycle to visit Blackreef’s four different areas in order to learn as much as possible before the loop resets. Also, don’t think of Visionaries as boss fights. They’re as simple to dispatch as any other enemy in the game. Your mission is to eliminate all of them in a single day, which is far more difficult said than done.

The loop is divided into four sections: morning, noon, afternoon, and evening. Because certain events occur at specific times, you’ll have to choose how you spend each loop before it resets. Harriot, for example, is only vulnerable at Karl’s Bay in the morning. However, you must investigate the old power station at the Complex first thing in the morning. You can concentrate on killing Harriet once you’ve learned everything there is to know about the power station.

While you’re in an area, time doesn’t pass. Without the game switching cycles to noon, you could spend hours in Karl’s Bay in the morning. The loop, however, switches to the next cycle as soon as you leave. In other words, you can’t go to Karl’s Bay and the Complex in the same morning, and you can’t go to any two places on Blackreef at the same time.

There are events that you can set off at one point in the day that will have an impact on the rest of the day. The simplest way to kill Frank, for example, is to booby trap his fireworks stash in Karl’s Bay early in the morning. When he tries to set them off in Updaam at night, let’s just say things don’t go well for Ramblin’ Frank.

There’s also no way to go back in time. You can only restart the loop, which means you’ll lose any progress you’ve made in previous loops. Thankfully, Colt’s memories, as well as a few other constants that we’ll discuss later, carry over.

What carries over between loops?

The infusion screen in Deathloop.

Anything you infuse, aside from Colt’s memories, will carry over between loops. After completing the first Arsenal Lead involving Wenjie at The Complex, you’ll be able to unlock Infusion. Spend Residuum to infuse weapons, trinkets, slabs, and upgrades into your arsenal. You’ll eventually have everything you need, and resetting the loop will become a benefit rather than a hindrance.

Apart from Colt’s memories and your infused gear, Charlie Montegue’s robot, 2-Bit, is the only thing that survives loops. We’ll leave it to 2-Bit to explain why it’s the only other thing on Blackreef that remembers things between loops. 2-Bit’s memory, on the other hand, is critical for getting all of the Visionaries to the right place at the right time.

How to use the loop to your advantage

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Once you’ve amassed a large number of weapons and gathered all of the slabs, you can begin to take advantage of the loop. Once you’ve figured out how to kill all eight Visionaries, you can spend your time following up on all the other leads you’ve found on Blackreef.

To go on an infusion spree throughout one loop, equip the Golden Harvest Trinket, which increases your Residuum gains by 15%. Before the loop resets, you’ll be taken to the infusion screen if you leave an area late at night. If you can kill Frank, Egor, Wengie, and Aleksis in the same night, you’ll have 46,000 Residuum at your disposal.

You can also experiment with different ways to kill each Visionary until you find the most effective method. You can, for example, keep sneaking into Aleksis’ party with a variety of slabs, trinkets, and weapons to see which ones work best. Thankfully, once you’ve “broken the loop,” you can keep playing the game. If you want to start playing time detective all over again, you can reset Colt’s progress.

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