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Here Are All The Free Games You Can Get Right Now!!

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There are a plethora of free games available right now, ranging from Epic’s weekly freebies to Steam publisher promotions, GOG sale giveaways, and more. It’s difficult to keep track of them all, and you might be missing out.

This is not an acceptable state of affairs, so we’ve compiled a list of every free game that comes across our screens. Free-to-keep and temporary promotions will be included and noted as such, but free-to-play games and others that are normally free will not be—for that, check out our categorized breakdown of the best free PC games.

Now let’s get started:


  • Second Extinction – Dinosaurs have reclaimed the Earth, forcing humanity to flee to orbital stations for safety. Now is the time to fight back in this three-player co-op shooter. (Steam, ends October 3)

Free to keep:

  • Europa Universalis 4 – In a complex simulation of the early modern world, lead any nation from Renaissance to Revolution. Master the art of war, diplomacy, and trade in order to shape and change the history of your country! (Epic Games Store, ends October 7)

Prime Gaming:

Prime Gaming’s games aren’t technically free because you have to be a subscriber to access them. However, there’s a lot on offer if you are, including in-game loot and free-to-play game starter packs, so it’s worth keeping an eye on. Prime Gaming is included with Amazon Prime at $13 per month, or $120 per year; links to all included freebies are available at amazon.com.

  • Knockout City – In Knockout City, a dodgeball shooter that we really like, you can team up and compete in epic dodgeball battles with rival Crews. (ends September 30)
  • Tools Up! – In this wild and fun co-op game, put your skills to the test and see how simple home renovations really are. (ends October 1)
  • Sam and Max Hit the Road – In this bizarre, brilliant LucasArts adventure classic, the Freelance Police are on the trail of a runaway carnival bigfoot. (ends October 1)
  • Puzzle Agent – When the Scoggins Eraser Co. responds to White House inquiries with strange puzzles, Nelson Tethers of the US Department of Puzzle Research is dispatched to investigate. (ends October 1)
  • Candleman: The Complete Journey -Light is both a welcome ally and a deceptive foe in this unique puzzle platformer. (ends October 1)
  • Unmemory – To solve difficult puzzles and progress in a thriller story with image, sound, and interactive functions are carefully interwoven into the narrative, you must read. (ends October 1)
  • Secret Files 2: Puritas Cordis – It’s almost too late for Nina Kalenkov to realize that the recent disasters were caused by an unscrupulous secret society known as Puritas Cordis, not by nature. Nina teams up with a priest in France to investigate the connection between the secret society’s sinister prophecies and the creepy leader of an ancient order, while her ex-boyfriend Max, a scientist, witnesses Puritas Cordis’ brutal methods at the excavation site of an ancient Indonesian temple complex. (ends October 1)
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