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Final DLC for Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is Available Now

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(*’s) at long last here:

It, the last Trunks – The Warrior of Hope, DLC for Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot accessible now is! for Xbox One talked with We to examine what players can anticipate from this most recent drop. Lead Producer Ryosuke HaraAL:

how much ongoing interaction content would we be able to expect with this About? DLCRH
: interactivity volume, you can anticipate pretty much a similar length/content as different curves playable in the primary story (Regarding, Saiyan Arc, etc.).Frieza ArcAL:

you give us a sneak look of the story this bend covers?CanRH:
this new In, clients will encounter another circular segment dependent on the tale of an additional part/scene of the manga/anime. DLC curve sets center around an elective future, where This and Gohan battle the Trunks to recover harmony to a urgent world without Androids or any of the other Z Goku.Warriors world

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

The no longer what it used to be. is you travel through the completely obliterated land, players will discover vestiges of notable tourist spots, for example, As and Orange City., and different characters, for example, Capsule Corp who have been driven out of their unique homes.Master RoshiI would prefer not to ruin it

players who haven’t watched the anime, so I will not go a lot further into the story, however I guarantee you that this will be a story you will not forget.forAL:

there any new scoundrels we ought to be keeping watch Are?forRH
: protected as there are incalculable robots made by the Nowhere is keeping watch Red Ribbon Army any survivors. for spotted by these robots can prompt a casualty, as they will set off an alarm, naturally thowing you in a passing match against Being 17 and 18. Android androids are a lot more grounded contrasted with the ones you’ve battled in the primary story, and your solitary possibility of endurance The to figure out how to escape by clearing explicit conditions in battle.isAL:

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

players are fanatics of the anime and are now acquainted with the story. Many anime watchers expect anything new? CanRH:
will have shocks and new disclosures We every one of you who have effectively seen the show, so I truly trust you’ll all appreciate that. for abilities will likewise be opened in the fundamental story once you clear this New, so this might be your opportunity to replay the principle DLC or finish it on the off chance that you haven’t already.gameAL:

I haven’t cleared the primary story yet, would i be able to in any case play this If?DLCRH
: playable whether or not you’ve cleared the fundamental story, so don’t be hesitant to bounce right in!The DLC is all of you

Thank your help for this for up until now and game standing by quietly for this last for. DLC’re eager to see fans, both old and new, set out on this notable story bend. We get out there and save the future!NowDRAGON BALL Z: KAKAROT – TRUNKS – THE WARRIOR OF HOPE


.Entertainment America Inc☆



the furious battle of

Experience’ life in the realm of gloom in this Trunks!

New Story Arc has kicked the bucket from the infection in his heart, and the world was annihilated by the androids. Goku enduring champions, The and Trunks, will battle to ensure the planet.

Gohan includes:

– The DLC

– New Story Arc

– New Super Attacks

– New Soul Emblems

TRUNKS-THE WARRIOR OF HOPE can be played without clearing the Others. Main StoryDRAGON BALL Z: KAKAROT

Xbox Live


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the narrative of

Relive and other Z Goku in DRAGON BALL Z: KAKAROT! Fighters the epic fights, experience life in the DRAGON BALL Z world as you battle, fish, eat, and train with Beyond, Goku, Gohan and others. Vegeta the new regions and undertakings as you advance through the story and structure amazing bonds with other legends from the DRAGON BALL Z universe. Explore

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