When Could the October Apple Event Be Held?

This month, Apple is expected to hold an event to unveil new MacBook Pro models, a redesigned Mac mini, and third-generation AirPods. While the exact date of Apple’s rumored October event has yet to be confirmed, the timing has begun to narrow, giving us a hint as to when the event might happen. On Tuesday, […]

Developers finally get Linux running on an Apple M1-powered Mac

Asahi Linux is a community-driven project aimed at getting Linux to run on Apple’s impressive M1 silicon. The group has made significant progress in its mission, according to its September progress report, by having Ahasi Linux run natively as a basic Linux desktop on an Apple M1 Mac. This is significant because Apple employs proprietary […]

Top 4 Video Editing Tools For Gamers

Do you have a lot of high-resolution footage from your most recent Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare or Grand Theft Auto V sessions? Many people nowadays enjoy watching YouTube playthrough videos. You can easily put up playthrough videos and get a lot of views if you know how to splice, rearrange, and enhance videos to […]