The Underlying Problems of the Nintendo Switch OLED

The latest Nintendo Switch model has arrived, complete with an OLED screen. Since its initial release, Nintendo has made a few changes to its hybrid console. We’ve already seen the Nintendo Switch V2, which had a longer battery life than the V1 but was otherwise functionally identical. Then there was the Nintendo Switch Lite, which […]

The Top Free Steam Games and RPGs to Play 2021-22

Steam has a large library of games that can be played for hours on end by those who use the PC platform. On one of the most popular and vast game launchers out there, there is something for everyone, from the biggest AAA titles to the best indie titles the market has to offer. If […]

Best Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Tips and Tricks

Here are the best Assassin’s Creed Valhalla tips and tricks to aid your quest throughout the lands of England. The latest installment in Ubisoft’s popular Assassin’s Creed franchise is Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. The game, as the most recent Assassin’s Creed title, transports players to the Viking era. The game allows players to not only play […]

5 Unanswered Deltarune Questions We Have After Chapter 2

Deltarune Chapter 2 is now available on PC, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation, as most Undertale fans are aware. People have had the opportunity to play through Toby Fox’s latest work at least once, if not multiple times. The taste, on the other hand, leaves us wanting more. This is primarily due to the fact that […]

The Top 5 Video Game Story Arcs to Play When You’re Alone

Players of video games with narratives, unite! We know some people enjoy Battle Royale games or games with eSports features, but there’s a lot more out there. Indeed, we have players who identify with a particular character and follow his or her journey with interest. Most importantly, this type of community helps to keep the […]

Kena Bridge of Spirits: All Spirit Mail Locations

Just one glance at Kena: Bridge of Spirits reveals that it will be a fantastical adventure. This game, the first from Ember Labs, may look similar to a recent Dreamworks or Pixar film, but it is a fully playable experience. It wears its influences on its sleeve, referencing classic games to inspire its combat, exploration, […]