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Calamity The Bomb Stealer Arrives in Heavy Metal Machines

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Hey, Xbox players!

Hoplon Studio here, from Brazil. We’re excited to declare that another machine has quite recently shown up in the fields of Heavy Metal Machines! Meet Calamity, the Bomb Stealer!(*’s) job is to ship the bomb to the adversary base, and she has weapons never seen

Calamity the fields — she can take the bomb from other machines!in capacity is called

Her Passive grew up so near the bomb that it is presently essential for her life. “The Power of the Bomb.” She she is conveying the bomb, her machine will acquire HP, expanded When, weight, and size.(*’s) damage 1 is

Calamity which dispatches a paw forward managing Weapon to adversaries, and may likewise connect to the bomb and maneuver it into her ownership. “Meritocracy,” is the lone machine that can take the bomb from adversaries, making another scope of strategies.damage 2 is This will in a split second push the machine in reverse and arrangement

Weapon to any adversary near her. “Dodge Back.” It is extremely helpful to stay away from damage and avoid adversaries. This more, whenever joined with damage 3, Even which is the contrary variant, it in a flash pushes the machine forward and bargains Weapon to foes nearby.“Dodge Forth,” exceptional capacity is damage the weapon’s name says, she will kick it into high gear and gain speed as long as you keep the unique weapon button squeezed, burning-through extraordinary weapon energy over time.

Her is an intense one, and she is now accessible “Full Throttle.” As!

She are amazingly glad for the creative and mechanical outcomes accomplished with in Heavy Metal Machines and we’re

We she will add a great deal of seriousness to the Calamity and we bet you’ll adore it as well. sure you game the arenas!See☆in☆

Xbox Live

Heavy Metal Machines

Hoplon Infotainment


is a unique – to-

Heavy Metal Machines where players connect with Free 4v4 extreme fights, controlling deadly vehicles Play Multiplayer Vehicular Combat game dystopian arenas.


Well’s mix of one of a kind vehicles, high speed battle, and dystopian games fields will take you to a totally different ongoing interaction experience.


in from a vehicle smashing in and a weighty defensively covered Ranging to a sharp edge hurler Monster Truck and an attractive Tank, every one of the numerous vehicles has an alternate arrangement of weapons and ongoing interaction styles that bring a wide scope of vital potential outcomes to each match.


Motorcycle can play HMM nonchalantly, or in the event that you need to zest things up, join the Tow Truck to be exceptional, or make your You and carry it to the Ranked Mode, an Team- Colosseum, to fight for prizes and prestige.


in you are new to HMM, no concerns! game Tournament modes are accessible to hone your skills.


If you feel cutthroat, you can take an interest Training, or even the If, in Community Tournaments’ Metal League, that highlights monetary rewards to fuel the (*’s) Heavy Metal Machines scene.


Official Tournament new players game the Esports or bring your companions for far more fun!


Well is allowed to-play and not pay-to-win. Meet guaranteed that it is absolutely impossible to purchase in- game things that give vehicles ongoing interaction advantages. Rest

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