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Bassmaster Fishing 2022 will be available on Xbox Game Pass (Oct 28th)

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Get your bait ready

The Official Video Game of B.A.S.S. is Bassmaster Fishing 2022. It will be released on October 28th and will be free to all Xbox Game Pass subscribers from the start. You can also check out the latest gameplay trailer for Bassmaster Fishing 2022 below to get a better idea of what to expect from Dovetail Games’ upcoming title. Also, take a look at our list of the best Xbox sports games.

When you first board your boat, you’ll be fishing number eight. An underwater camera can also be used. There will be many things to look out for in these iconic locations, including points of interest, water depths, and surrounding vegetation.

Some places include:

  • River Sabine
  • Ray Roberts (Open waters).
  • Memorial bridge on St. Johns River

Bassmaster Fishing 2022 Official Trailer

What’s new in Bassmaster Fishing 2022?

The game includes a variety of new mechanics, game modes, and features. You can play Bassmaster Royale with your friends in large multiplayer lobbies.

When you first start the game, you’ll be able to play as one of ten Elite Series anglers. Hank Cherry, the two-time Bassmaster Classic Champion, Takumi Ito, the winner of the 2021 St. Lawrence River Elite Event, and Scott Martin, our vivacious cover star, are among them.

Starting at the College Series and fighting your way to Bassmaster immortality is a great way to continue your career like the pros. All of this is accomplished while using top-of-the-line branded equipment, such as Scott Martin’s Skeeter Boat, which is powered by a 250HP Yamaha outboard engine.

If you win the College Series, you will be able to advance to The Opens. The Opens are intended to help players earn enough points to advance to the Elite Series. To get an invite to the Bassmaster Classic, you’ll need to put everything you’ve learned so far into practise in order to advance to the Elite Series.

In the Bassmaster Classic, your knowledge and experience are priceless. You’ll need to do everything in your power to beat all of your competitors and win the Bassmaster Classic.

You’ll be competing in a lot of tournaments when you first start out. To qualify for the Bassmaster Classic, you will need to win Pro Challenges, Grand Slam events, and traditional tournaments.


When fishing, you must be cautious of snagging. Your lure could get snagged on any number of underwater hazards, including rocks, wood, and weeds, depending on where you fish and what equipment you use.

Time-of-day feature

To master the dynamic time-of-day feature, you’ll need to practice your fishing skills throughout the day.

Improved fish AI

Fish AI has improved, allowing them to move around water based on temperature, day, and the presence or absence of underwater structures.

Bassmaster royale feature

Bassmaster Royale is an adrenaline-pumping, cross-playable new angling game mode in which you compete with other players to be the last one standing.

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