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10 things Marvel’s Avengers needs to improve to compete with Destiny

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Marvel’s Avengers has been one of the most eagerly anticipated AAA games of the year. Along with the Marvel title, it also had the infamous “live service” title attached to it. GaaS games have gotten a bad rap in recent years thanks to EA’s Anthem, which was released with a slew of bugs and little content. Marvel’s Avengers generated a lot of buzzes, and it’s a concept that can work very well with the right development.

Unfortunately, the game started off in a worse state than Anthem, if that’s possible. Don’t get me wrong: a poor launch does not imply a poor life-cycle. Warframe and Destiny 2, two of the most popular and successful online looters, both had shaky beginnings before blossoming into the fantastic games they are now.

Marvel’s Avengers has issues in every department, the most serious of which are technical issues, endgame structure, and level design. But the core concept is sound and has a lot of potentials; it just needs a lot of work. Here are ten things Square Enix needs to do with Marvel’s Avengers to pull a Warframe or Destiny.

10 Things Square Enix Need to Do

Fix Technical Issues

One of the first things you’ll see if you visit the game’s official Reddit at any time of day is a post about an in-game issue. People are reporting a variety of issues, including clips of Captain America’s face melting, complaints about people losing 80+ hours of progress, and cosmetics going missing. The game must be playable in order to maintain and grow its player base. It has already dropped from a peak of 28k players to around 4k per day.

Add More Mission Variety

A number of the missions in Marvel’s Avengers are repeated. You’re either clearing rooms full of enemies, fighting waves of enemies, completing fetch quests, or defending an objective from enemies while standing in a circle. Raids will be added to the game soon, but we need more variety. The heroes’ individuality could easily be exploited, such as Iron Man’s aerial combat missions.

Improve Loot Drops

The loot quality is at the heart of the looter-shooter genre. It’s what makes the grind worthwhile and ensures the game’s longevity. I haven’t played Destiny 2 in a long time, but the kind of gear that the missions drop is what keeps me coming back. Marvel’s Avengers are in desperate need of loot worth grinding for.

Keep Adding Superheroes Regularly

It’s fantastic that Marvel’s Avengers will introduce two new characters – Kate Bishop and Hawkeye – but they must keep going. After that, Black Panther is rumoured to be the next film, and the producers must ensure that the momentum continues. Each new superhero will attract new fans while also keeping the game fresh for existing players.

Add More Variety to Skill Trees

The skill trees in Marvel’s Avengers could do with balance changes. A detailed skill tree is pointless when some of the nodes are clearly the way to go. The choices should be equal in terms of strength and viability, and should all be viable against higher powered enemies. Catering to all kinds of playstyles works best for everyone, rather than having one concrete meta.

Improve Multiplayer Gameplay and Make More Content Multiplayer

It’s odd that the most recent update added single-player endgame content to the game. Better co-op and more opportunities for people to play with strangers are needed in the game. It’s one of Warframe’s best features: the ability to join any mission with complete strangers. You don’t have to coordinate with your friends or be on voice chat with the rest of your team to do it. Raids will undoubtedly be added to the game in the near future, and it would be disastrous if they did not include matchmaking. I doubt they’ll be as difficult as Destiny’s, and requiring pre-made teams would turn off a lot of people.

Fix AI Teammates

AI teammates are an excellent idea for solo players who don’t want to matchmake. Marvel’s Avengers, on the other hand, hasn’t quite nailed them. They’re currently quite buggy – they frequently block doors, interrupt jumps, and occasionally just refuse to do anything. For them to truly replace actual teammates, they must be much better and more responsive.

Add More Mission Environments

In Marvel’s Avengers, the mission environments are incredibly repetitive. Warframe has shown that you don’t need an open world to fix this, as its indoor maps have plenty of variety. There are only a few environments from the campaign that are reused in Avengers. The endgame desperately needs more variety, and missions that are all the same only add to the problem.

Be Careful with Exclusivity

Spiderman will be available exclusively on PlayStation. Given that he is one of Marvel’s most popular characters, I’m not sure this is a good move. Nobody is going to buy a PlayStation just for him, so PC gamers are left unsatisfied for no reason. Some players may be turned off by exclusivity.

Add More Types of Enemies

With only a variety of robots and drones in front of you, a Marvel game simply cannot be completed. From Green Goblin to Symbiotic enemies, the franchise has a plethora of interesting foes to offer. To avoid becoming redundant, Square Enix needs to make the most of it and incorporate them into the game. Rather than simply increasing an enemy’s level and turning them into a bullet sponge, difficulty can be increased in other ways.


Unlike Anthem, which will be reworked and released as “Anthem 2.0” in the future, Marvel’s Avengers has that potential. Marvel’s Avengers has a fantastic campaign, and some of the characters are accurately depicted. I have high hopes for this game, and I believe it will be fantastic (and half-priced) in about a year. The game is currently losing players at a rapid rate, but it has the potential to make a comeback in the same way that Warframe and Destiny have.

The developers have been hard at work on fixes recently, which makes me wonder why the game was released in such a bad state to begin with. Regardless of its flaws, I’m rooting for it to reach that level of variety and consistency, and I’m hoping it only improves from here.

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